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largo piscina borgo segine

Borgo Segine


in its sensory gardens

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Living in Borgo Segine

Borgo Segine is an oasis of well-being and tranquility, which meets the magical gaze of nature from every angle.

The sinuous shapes that characterize it wrap in a warm embrace, immediately evoking a sense of protection and well-being.

The Lecce stone cladding of the external facades shines with the rays of the sun during the day

and lights up with its own light at sunset.

All the elements that compose it are designed to draw positive energy from the colors of the earth,

of the surrounding sun and greenery.  


Borgo Segine is not just a simple holiday in Salento .  

Its eco-friendly holiday philosophy , preserving biodiversity, will transform your trip into an adventure made of tactile experiences, sounds, scents and genuine flavors.

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